Please Understand Before Showing up; We Take Covid Very Seriously.

With a 255 person capacity in a 1700 seat room, there's no need for you to come with 20 feet of anyone outside of the party you arrived with.

If you fail to follow any of the following rules you'll be subject to immediate ejection from the venue and permanently banned. Sorry to be so stern but we simply can't throw these shows if it represents a risk to audience members, performers, or staff.

All ticketing will be done online. There will be no in person day of sales or will call.


Groups cannot exceed 10 people. If you arrive with a group over ten you will be separated into different sections.


When checking in, attendees will need to stay in their "Circle" until the group ahead of them moves into the venue. 


Temperatures will be taken at the door. Sorry, this is non negotiable and for the well being of everyone. Body temperatures outside of standard health requirements will not be allowed in but will receive a refund. 


Masks are required unless eating or drinking. That means if you're standing, walking, or otherwise not in your designated seating area YOU MUST WEAR A MASK OVER YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH. Once again, this is non-negotiable and we will kick you out without a refund if you break this rule.


Sanitation stations will be set up throughout the venue. Please use them.


One person per group can order concessions for the whole group. If you need help carrying drinks we'll have both drink carriers and staff to assist.


The public will have no contact with the performers.


The closest seating will be 40 – 50 feet from the stage.